How often is the Dashboard updated?

The Dashboard is updated with new information every time you access it. This way, you can view a message or any other kind of item one of your colleagues added or modified instantaneously.

Are all my milestones displayed on the Dashboard?

The table with milestones in your Dashboard doesn't display the full list of your milestones, but only the ones in the current and the next two upcoming weeks.

If you have the current project selection set to All projects or My projects, the table contains all the milestones from these projects during the aforementioned period. If the current selection is for only one project, you'll see only the milestones for that one.

Can I edit/delete items in the Dashboard?

The Dashboard is only for viewing recent activity in your projects. If you want to edit/delete a certain item, click on its link in the Dashboard to be taken to that item's location.

Can I see the activity in all my projects?

Yes, by making a different selection of the projects, you can get a list of the entries for all the projects you work on, for all the projects you own or only for a certain project.

When you are viewing the Dashboard for multiple projects, either all or your own, a link with the project's name appears next to each entry, which will take you to the Dashboard for that project.

Can I list only the operations made by a certain user?

In the sidebar of the Dashboard, there is a filter called Involved people. There you can select to have displayed the operations made by everyone, only by you, only by the others than you, or by a certain person.

The list of people varies according to the project selected. When you have made a multiple projects selection, you'll see a list with all the people involved in those projects. This is a very convenient way to see what a person was working on, across projects.