Are all my milestones displayed on the Dashboard?

The table with milestones in your Dashboard doesn't display the full list of your milestones, but only the ones in the current and the next two upcoming weeks.

If you have the current project selection set to All projects or My projects, the table contains all the milestones from these projects during the aforementioned period. If the current selection is for only one project, you'll see only the milestones for that one.

What does it mean if I assign a task to a milestone?

You may group tasks by milestone, by assigning the tasks to that milestone. This means that you will have a better view for what needs to be done until that milestone is due.

How do I use a milestone?

A milestone is associated with a date and it represents an important moment in your project. You may assign tasks and messages to a milestone, so you will know what you need to accomplish until then.

Who's responsible for a milestone?

One or more persons may be made responsible for a milestone. You can select who in the Responsibles panel when adding or editing a milestone.

What about notifications for a milestone?

After choosing at least one person as responsible for a milestone from the list with the participants in that project, you are offered the possibility of having an email reminder sent 12 hours, one day or two days in advance.

Only the persons marked as responsible will receive the email notification, and only if they have their accounts set to receive email notifications.

What is the purpose of the calendars in the sidebar?

The calendars in the sidebar display the past, current and future months, with highlighted entries for the days when milestones are set. This is intended to help you get an overview of the situation of the milestones in the recent past, present and near future.

How can I see the list with all the tasks and messages assigned to a milestone?

For every task or message which is assigned to a milestone there is a link in the footer with the milestone's name, which will take you directly to the View milestone page. Also, for every milestone that has items assigned, there is a link in the footer of the milestone with the number of assigned tasks and messages.