Can I list only the operations made by a certain user?

In the sidebar of the Dashboard, there is a filter called Involved people. There you can select to have displayed the operations made by everyone, only by you, only by the others than you, or by a certain person.

The list of people varies according to the project selected. When you have made a multiple projects selection, you'll see a list with all the people involved in those projects. This is a very convenient way to see what a person was working on, across projects.

What are the roles for a project and what are the differences between them?

Teamness uses a simple permission mechanism that grants one of the following roles to an user:

  • user - has read and write access to all items in the project
  • admin - the same as user, but can also invite other people to join the project
  • owner - the same as admin, but can also delete the project

How can I change a user's role in a project?

You can change the role of a user in a project only if you have at administrative rights, meaning that you're either an admin or the owner of the project and also if that user is not the owner of the project.

In the People page for a project there is a list with all the persons involved in that project, along with their respective roles. Clicking on the role link gives you a dialog with the roles that you can pick up for that user.

How does an invitation to a project work?

When inviting a person in one of the projects that you administer, you are requested to provide an email address for that person. She/he will receive an email with a confirmation link, where it's possible to accept or decline the invitation.

If the user has a Teamness account, a new panel will also appear on her/his Dashboard mentioning the invitation in your project.

Can I invite someone who doesn't have a Teamness account?

Yes, she/he will receive a friendly email notification saying that she/he is invited by you in the project. If the user accepts the invitation, she/he must go through the registration process to create a Teamness account and then she/he will be automatically assigned on your project, with the role you picked up for her/him.

Can I have private items?

No, this feature is not yet supported in Teamness. All the item in a project are visible to the other members in that project.

However, items are not viewable across projects.

Can I see a list with all the people involved in all the projects that I'm in?

You may view a list with all the persons involved in your project or in the projects you own. To do that, make the desired selection for the projects, All projects or My projects, and then navigate to the People page.