How do I subscribe to my projects' calendars?

There is a lot of flexibility in how you may obtain your calendar data. You may subscribe for milestones, tasks or for both, by using the Dashboard. You can also subscribe to get this data from one project, all the projects you're working on or your own created projects. Subscribe by clicking on the iCal image link in the lower right part of the sidebar when you're on the Tasks, Milestone or Dashboard page for a project or for multiple projects.

What is a project?

A project represents an environment where you and your colleagues share a collection of tasks, milestones, messages, whiteboards and documents.

You may participate in an unlimited number of projects no matter what pricing plan you're using. Participating in a project means that you were either invited into it or you created one of your own. Please note that the number of projects you may create is according to your pricing plan.

Users have different roles in a project.

What is an archived project?

Teamness gives you the option to archive a project. This makes the project read-only, meaning that you can only list and view the items in that project, but not edit, add or delete. Also, all the members of the project, except the owner, are removed from the archived project.

You may want to archive a project when it has no more activity, for instance when it ended or when it's in a paused state. If your pricing plan requires a limited number of active owned projects, archiving an old project will allow you to create one more active one.

You can also make back active an archived project, but please note that if you reached the limit of your pricing plan with the number of your own active projects, you cannot make a archived project active again. To do so, you will have to either archive another project, delete an existing active one or upgrade your pricing plan.

Can I see the activity in all my projects?

Yes, by making a different selection of the projects, you can get a list of the entries for all the projects you work on, for all the projects you own or only for a certain project.

When you are viewing the Dashboard for multiple projects, either all or your own, a link with the project's name appears next to each entry, which will take you to the Dashboard for that project.

What are the roles for a project and what are the differences between them?

Teamness uses a simple permission mechanism that grants one of the following roles to an user:

  • user - has read and write access to all items in the project
  • admin - the same as user, but can also invite other people to join the project
  • owner - the same as admin, but can also delete the project

How can I change a user's role in a project?

You can change the role of a user in a project only if you have at administrative rights, meaning that you're either an admin or the owner of the project and also if that user is not the owner of the project.

In the People page for a project there is a list with all the persons involved in that project, along with their respective roles. Clicking on the role link gives you a dialog with the roles that you can pick up for that user.

How does an invitation to a project work?

When inviting a person in one of the projects that you administer, you are requested to provide an email address for that person. She/he will receive an email with a confirmation link, where it's possible to accept or decline the invitation.

If the user has a Teamness account, a new panel will also appear on her/his Dashboard mentioning the invitation in your project.

Can I see a list with all the people involved in all the projects that I'm in?

You may view a list with all the persons involved in your project or in the projects you own. To do that, make the desired selection for the projects, All projects or My projects, and then navigate to the People page.

How do I search for data in my projects?

Type the word(s) that you want to search in the search box in the right upper part of the page and then you'll be sent to the search results page.

The search results page contains the results in a tabbed manner, each tab having the search results for a certain item type: tasks, milestones, messages, whiteboards and files. The number of results found is mentioned in the tab name.

The words that you searched for are highlighted in the results, for a better view.

Can I also search in my archived projects?

You are given the option to also search in the active projects when you search for words in the context of a multiple projects selection: All projects or My projects.

What is the Startup project?

If you're working on a few projects at a time, but one of these is the one that takes most of your time, you may choose one of your projects to be the startup project. This means that each time you enter into your account, the current selected project from the projects list will be the active one.

You can set the Startup project in the My details page from the Settings menu.

Can I export my projects data?

In the Account page from the Settings menu you are given the option to pack all the data from your projects as an XML file.

Please note that the export contains only data from your account, including all your projects, but does not include external files such as account photo or files from your projects.

For performance reasons, the export can be performed only once in a day. An email with download information will be sent to you as soon as the export is ready.

How do I select a project?

You can bring up the project selection panel by clicking on the small icon in the upper left part of the page.

You may choose between All projects, My projects or a specific project. The panel presents separately the projects that you created and therefore own, and the projects that belong to other persons.

What is the difference between All projects and My projects?

All projects refers to all the projects in which you are involved, regardless of your role in them.

My projects refers to the the projects you created.

Can I select multiple projects?

Yes, you may have a multiple projects selection by either choosing All projects or My projects from the Change project panel. It's not permitted to selectively choose projects.

How can I archive a project?

In the Projects page from the Settings menu you are given the option to archive the active projects that you own.

How can I make an archived project active again?

In the Projects page from the Settings menu you may choose between displaying the Active or the Archived projects. In the archived projects list you are presented with details about the archived projects and you also have the possibility to activate them back.

What are the user's roles in a project?

Each user in a project has a role and, therefore, certain rights on the project. Teamness uses a simple permission mechanism that grants one of the following roles to an user:

  • regular user - has write access to all items in the project
  • administrator - same as the regular user, but can also invite other people to join the project
  • owner - same as the administrator, but can also delete the project

There is only one owner in the project, the one who created the project. When you invite a user in a project, you must choose from regular user or administrator role to assign to the future participant. You can modify the user's role later on.

How do I subscribe to my projects' calendars in Microsoft Outlook 2007?

You can subscribe to your Teamness projects' calendars in Outlook 2007 by clicking on the iCal icon in any of the following pages: Tasks, Milestone or Dashboard. If Outlook 2007 is not configured automatically to handle the "webcal://" links, you can do it manually like this:

  • Right click on the iCal icon.
  • Copy the link location.
  • In Outlook 2007, go to Tools -> Account settings -> Internet Calendars, choose "New" and paste the URL of the calendar.

You may read more about Internet Calendars in Outlook 2007 here or in this blog post.