How do I search for data in my projects?

Type the word(s) that you want to search in the search box in the right upper part of the page and then you'll be sent to the search results page.

The search results page contains the results in a tabbed manner, each tab having the search results for a certain item type: tasks, milestones, messages, whiteboards and files. The number of results found is mentioned in the tab name.

The words that you searched for are highlighted in the results, for a better view.

Can I also search in my archived projects?

You are given the option to also search in the active projects when you search for words in the context of a multiple projects selection: All projects or My projects.

What does "Search also in details" mean?

When this option is not checked, the search is performed only in the title of the items. If you check this option, Teamness will search for the words requested also in the content of the items, like message bodies, whiteboards content, comments and file descriptions.