Tips & Tricks
What is RSS and how do I use it with Teamness?

RSS allows you to subscribe to regular updates of specific content. You can read more about RSS, feeds, how to use them and why are they useful here.

In each of the following pages: Dashboard, Tasks, Milestones, Messages, Whiteboards and Files there is a RSS icon in the lower right side of the sidebar. You may use the link for that icon to feed it to any RSS aggregator of your preference. You may also subscribe to data from all the projects you're working on or your own created projects.

How do I subscribe to my projects' calendars?

There is a lot of flexibility in how you may obtain your calendar data. You may subscribe for milestones, tasks or for both, by using the Dashboard. You can also subscribe to get this data from one project, all the projects you're working on or your own created projects. Subscribe by clicking on the iCal image link in the lower right part of the sidebar when you're on the Tasks, Milestone or Dashboard page for a project or for multiple projects.

Can I list only the operations made by a certain user?

In the sidebar of the Dashboard, there is a filter called Involved people. There you can select to have displayed the operations made by everyone, only by you, only by the others than you, or by a certain person.

The list of people varies according to the project selected. When you have made a multiple projects selection, you'll see a list with all the people involved in those projects. This is a very convenient way to see what a person was working on, across projects.

How can I add emoticons to a message?

When editing a message you may choose an emoticon from the list that appears after you click on the small icon in the upper right corner of the message body text area.

Where can I change my email notification settings?

In the Subscriptions page from the Settings menu you may uncheck the Receive email notifications check-box to stop receiving email notifications for tasks, milestones, invitations or any other case.

Can I export my projects data?

In the Account page from the Settings menu you are given the option to pack all the data from your projects as an XML file.

Please note that the export contains only data from your account, including all your projects, but does not include external files such as account photo or files from your projects.

For performance reasons, the export can be performed only once in a day. An email with download information will be sent to you as soon as the export is ready.

How do I subscribe to my projects' calendars in Microsoft Outlook 2007?

You can subscribe to your Teamness projects' calendars in Outlook 2007 by clicking on the iCal icon in any of the following pages: Tasks, Milestone or Dashboard. If Outlook 2007 is not configured automatically to handle the "webcal://" links, you can do it manually like this:

  • Right click on the iCal icon.
  • Copy the link location.
  • In Outlook 2007, go to Tools -> Account settings -> Internet Calendars, choose "New" and paste the URL of the calendar.

You may read more about Internet Calendars in Outlook 2007 here or in this blog post.