December 08, 2008
Specific preferences for your data pages

There is a new panel in the sidebar of your data pages called Preferences. It contains various customization options for the items displayed, for instance detailed view for tasks, the order of your messages and a few more others. These settings are applicable only to your account, so you don't need to change them for every project you work on.

  December 08, 2008
Listing with the items assigned to a milestone

In Teamness it was possible since the beginning to assign a task or a message to a milestone, but there was no place to see all these assignments together. Therefore, a new page was born which lists all the tasks and all the messages assigned to a milestone. In this View milestone page you also have the possibility to interact with each of these tasks or messages, just like in the regular listing from the Tasks and Milestones pages.

How to get to this page? For every task or message which is assigned to a milestone there is a link in the footer with the milestone's name, which will take you directly to the View milestone page. Also, for every milestone that has items assigned, there is a link in the footer of the milestone with the number of assigned tasks and messages.

How is this useful? The list with all the tasks and messages assigned to a milestone gives a clear overview of what needs to be done until the milestone is due. This page allows tasks to be completed so you can easily check what was already accomplished. There is also a print button, if you need to have the list with you in a meeting.

  November 28, 2008
Print and export data from your projects

Printing your project's pages and exporting to CSV files are two handy ways of using your data. Both options are available in all the pages from each project you participate in, as two image links in the upper right corner.

You can easily print everything you need to have with you in a meeting, for instance. You may use the CSV files obtained from your data in any way you want, by importing them into a spreadsheet software like Excel. As we stated, your data is your property and Teamness strives to offer it to you in various possible ways.

  October 20, 2008
Project customizations

There is a new page where you will be able to make some customizations to your projects. The page is accessible via the "Settings" link (in the project's menu, in the right hand part) which it's shown only for the projects you own. In this page you may choose a logo for your project or set which tabs you would like to be displayed.

  October 11, 2008
Login into Teamness using your Google or Yahoo account

We just rolled out a new update which will allow you to authenticate to Teamness using your Google or Yahoo account. Many of you already have a Gmail or Yahoo email address, so how about taking advantage of this and use it to login in Teamness too? The new feature will ease the adoption for the future users, but will also help the existing users as well.

If you already have a Teamness account, but you would like to also use Google or Yahoo authentication, just sign in Teamness with your Google or Yahoo account and you'll be able to associate the login with your existing Teamness account, even if the email addresses differ. Moreover, you can associate multiple external authentication methods to the same Teamness account. So, if you would like to login with both Gmail and Yahoo account, now you have this possibility.

If you don't have a Teamness account yet, don't wait anymore, now it's even easier to sign in using your Google or Yahoo account.

  September 15, 2008
Enrich the editing of the whiteboards
We introduced more text and font formatting options for whiteboards. You may now change colors, search and replace, use predefined styles, indent and align the text. Even with all these formatting capabilities, the ability to see changes between two versions of a whiteboard is still there.
  September 03, 2008
Easier calendar integration
We made it easier for you to add data from Teamness directly to your favorite calendar software. Point your cursor over the iCal icon in the sidebar when you're on Dashboard, Tasks or Milestones pages and a panel with Google Calendar and 30 Boxes links will appear to allow you to easily import the data from your projects in one of these two popular online calendar services.
Please note that you may import data for all your projects, the projects you own or only from one project.
We added support for these two calendar applications based on the requests we got from our users, but integration with other services is coming.
  September 02, 2008
Send direct feedback from any location in Teamness
In every page from your account, including the pages where you access your projects data, settings and so on, we added a link from which you may send feedback directly, without looking for a way to contact us. You may find the link in the upper right corner of the browser's window. We enjoy hearing from you, so please use this as often as you want.
  September 02, 2008
Internet Explorer 8 is now supported
Internet Explorer 8 promises full CSS 2.1 support and partial CSS 3. While our hopes are high, there are still some problems to overcome. We added support in Teamness for the newly Internet Explorer 8 Beta 2 version and things are working better than in Beta 1. We're looking forward for the final version, which we're positive to deliver more than the previous ones in terms of standard compliance.
  June 26, 2008
Milestone information on the Dashboard
The Dashboard page now contains a panel with the overdue milestones so that you'll easily see what's behind. Also, a table with the current and the next week is displayed to allow you to see directly from the Dashboard the nearly upcoming milestones. If you have a multiple projects selection, the milestones displayed will be for all the projects in question.

  June 20, 2008
Teamness is compatible with iCalendar
You may subscribe to your milestones, tasks or both, in your favorite calendar application by using iCalendar. You can also subscribe to get this data from one project, all the projects you're working on or your own created projects. Subscribe by clicking on the iCal image link in the lower right part of the sidebar when you're on the Tasks, Milestone or Dashboard page for a project or for multiple projects.

  June 08, 2008
Account data export
In the Account page from the Settings menu you are given the option to pack all the data from your projects as an XML file.
The export package will contain only data from your account, including all your projects, but not files such as account photo or documents from your projects.
For performance reasons, the export can be performed only once in a day. An email with download information will be sent to you as soon as the export is ready.

  May 26, 2008
Secure RSS feeds available
The current plan allows you to use password protected RSS feeds, which are the most secure type of feeds available. Use the RSS icon link from the following pages: Dashboard, Tasks, Milestones, Messages, Whiteboards and Files to save the feed in your favorite aggregator.

  May 03, 2008
Teamness is online!
With the current plan you may create up to 15 projects and work with maximum 30 colleagues on them.
Register now and this plan will be free for you for ever. Invite all your colleagues and get the most out of Teamness.