What is Teamness?

  • Web based application to collaborate online

    Teamness can help you organize your projects and share information with your colleagues and customers.

  • No setup required

    All you need is a web browser and an Internet connection and you'll be able to access Teamness from anywhere.

Teamness provides a human way of managing your work

  • Keep everything centralized

    It's easier to work on a project when everything related to it is in one place.

  • Overall view

    Use the dashboard to see all the activity across your projects.

  • Simple scheduling with milestones

    Keep track of what needs to be done until a certain moment.

  • Tasks with comments

    Assign tasks to different members in your team and use comments to clarify issues.

  • Messages and discussions

    Communicate without exchanging emails or write down notes and discuss on them.

  • Whiteboards with versions

    Write shareable whiteboards together with your colleagues and check differences between versions.

  • File sharing

    Upload all kinds of files and keep them grouped or attached to messages.

  • Notifications by RSS

    Stay up to date with any change in any of your projects.